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Crazy Nasty!
Kim Taeyeon's Homie`
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19 Apr 2013 - The Fallen Kingdom
Chapter 2
Reuniting Part I

The bamboo forest was never ending, the air was humid the fog was slowly creeping towards them. It was safe here to rest before heading straight to the kingdom. With the assassin apprehended, Yoon A well she done her nation proud especially catching the person who tried to kill the Princess. The soldiers that survived the fight against the assassin rested and healed their wounds.

"General!, should we send a footman with a message that we are on our way? Also our progress on what information we have gotten out of the assassin?" The young soldier spoke instantly after he came back up from his respecting bow.

"Not right now, I am going to question him right now, on you go and eat" Grants the men to go eat, Looking to her left she sees the man tied up against the bamboo tightly and his feet bounded in rope. She grabs her small blade and starts walking over to the man.

"Either you tell me who sent you or ill get it out of you, because trying to assassinate Princess Seo is rather odd. Wouldn't your official or the person that hired you. Want the Emperor killed not his daughter. Now tell me why did they hire you go after Princess Seo Ju Hyun rather than the Emperor?"

She sat down on the mud that was covered dead leaves from the bamboo starring at him waiting for a reply. He lifted his head up and retorted back

"heh! you really think i'm going to talk and customer confidentiality...hah, fine i'll tell you this. I was hired by someone that wanted to get rid of Seo Ju Hyun so she won't become Empress after the Emperor dies", Smirking as he knew exactly who it was that wanted Empress Seo Ju Hyun. Yoon A looked inside the tattered bag he was carrying mostly it was weapons varying in size and condition.

"How about this why don't we do a wager, we both fight each other no weapons. just fists if i win you tell me who assigned you to kill the princess?" Yoon A knew that she could win this with her eyes closed, maybe she was being a little cocky about her fighting skills but she is taking a risk on getting information on who wanted to kill Ju Hyun.

"Fair enough, what happens if i win?...I want to be set free" they both agreed

After she untied him, they gave distance to one another. In their ready fighting stances, both wait for one of them to make the first move.

Yoon A ducked under the first swing and snapped herself back into calm pose while moving instantly for her next approach to her opponent. His face was full of hatred and angry while he was fighting, then suddenly not dodging Yoon A skillfully formed her hands as if she were gripping imaginary rice ball and launched herself at him. She digs her fingers into the bicep of the swinging arm and ripping muscle, while striking the forearm on the same side, straight in with the heel of her palm. It was a hundred year old battle protocol from her master that taught her everything she knows.

He grunts in pain from his arm, it dangles there lifeless as he prepares himself for his hidden attack. He takes out a small blade that was tucked into his sleeve. running at her with sheer determination to kill her or to scar He ripped into her face with the blade between his fingers, raking it along her nose and mouth. With his dominate hand, Yoona screamed in pain when the blade struck her she didn't block quick enough. Holding her hands against her face while grunting and trying to not scream in pain again, she looks at her hands and sees her blood on her hands, she feels it dripping and throbbing out of her face.

'Seohyun won't look at me now..no..'

Yoon A enraged she clenches her firsts at her side and smirks "You are now at a disadvantage. You cheated. you might win by using your blade but i still have a chance as well."

He laughs demonically at her words.

She ran at him as fast as she could dodging his attacks, slicing her arms as she firmly strikes his neck and digs fingers in, grabbing the windpipe. A technique she has never used before until now and it succeed, The move is designed lacerate his throat and killing him. But Yoon A wanted him to suffer a little more. She pushed rather than pulled, momentarily closing the windpipe against itself, cutting off his air. Her face was clouded with anger as she held his windpipe. She could feel the blood pulsating out of wound as she frowns.

Pushing him against a bamboo shoot, leaves start to fall and the fog thickens. Block his weak arm with the other. She walked right into his plan, His blade pierces through her collar bone, she scrunches her eyes in pain and grunts loudly

'I can't let him win. i just..can't'

With the blade wedged into her collar bone. Yoon A grips his throat tighter and throws him to the ground like a rag doll. grunting and heaving for air because she had a tight grip onto his throat. She takes her hand and grips blade composing herself until she rips it out of her screaming as she throws it out of sight.

Getting on his knees coughing and heaving, Yoon A grabs him by the hair in a tight grip her eyes dead with anger.

"Tell me who sent you to kill Seo Ju Hyun?!"

The smug look on his face already told her the answer of her question but for good measure and pure ignorance he spat at her. He tries to attack her again with a hidden blade but she grips it just in time with her and and turns it around into left side pressing it deeper for him to feel as much excruciating pain as possible. Kicking her away pushed hitting her back against a bamboo root. Her reflexes were getting weak from the loss of blood from her wounds. He grabbed a sword from his bag, she took hers out.

She had to finish him or permanently weaken him until they reach back at the Palace.

They ran towards each other. Yoon A dodged his attack and span behind him, piercing her sword through his back.

She knew that she didn't hit him in any vital areas but wishing that she had killed him. He fell down after the blow to the back, coughing up blood from the severity of the blow.

The soldiers finally came back from getting fresh water and from their rest seeing the assassin on the ground injured and their general in the same condition.

"See to his wounds and tie him tightly back on to the spare horse, we are leaving in an hour",

"General! What about your wounds?.." A soldier spoke

"Don't worry about me. The main importance is to bring him back alive..get it done" She spoke with authority, taking a drinking .

Thinking of the horror of what he had down to her face, the soldiers faces couldn't hide from what they had just seen.


Oblivious of what was happening in the Bamboo forest the Kim Kingdom were preparing for Princess Kim Tae Yeon's meditation. all the servants, guards we to leave her chambers as she meditated of course the only her personal protector was able to enter while she was meditating.

She could hear how peaceful and calming it was. hearing the sweet chippers from a small bird but the peace and quiet would abruptly end.

"You always find a new way to enter my room don't you, Sun Kyu...what took you so long?"

Sun Kyu took off her mask that was covering her face. Her short brown hair frizzed up instantly when it hit the cold night air. removing her weapon and placing it on the rounded table she sat at.

"I was getting the thing you wished, Princess Kim." Her eyes still not looking up at Tae Yeon. Tae Yeon frowned at the sound of her being called Princess, especially from her friend.

"What have i told you? call me Tae Tae when no one is around i have said this so many times..I'm ready for my bath now..you can join me".

The large bath was perfectly prepared, the soothing aroma of the white petals in the water made it even more relaxing. incenses burning, her hair loosely tied back. bliss she mouthed as she rested her arms against the edge of the never ending bath.

Finally Sun Kyu joins her. it was awkward for Sun Kyu even when they have known each other for 6 years. sharing a bath was one of forever awkward situation..more like embarrassing situation for her.

no words were spoken. they just stared at each other and smiled occasionally enjoying each others company. until a female servant abruptly disturbed them.

"Princess Kim, you need to sleep early. you have the meeting with the Hwang officials and the princess"

Tae Yeon rolled her eyes at hearing that she was to sleep early, Giving Sun Kyu a knowing glance as she stepped out of the bath, Sun Kyu knew exactly what it meant.


"HWANG MI YOUNG!?" everyone was looking for her around the palace once again Empress Hwang had hid herself from the officials.

"phew, that was close..can't they take no for answer. i don't want to get married"
19 Apr 2013 - The Fallen Kingdom
Chapter 1
Beginning of a New Legacy.

Bandits rule most of the small villages outside the main city walls of the Seo Palace. The new heir to the throne has just been appointed. After hearing her father-emperor has passed away in the night, Just in two days they were reaching is 40th rein on his land, dynasty but he now passes it onto his only child at a time where his people in the villages are slowing going crazy over his dictatorship. Seo Ju Hyun was different a lot different she disagreed on his way of treating the people who care for their great ruler. He wasn't great and powerful because he showed he had the bigger army or how he had made the other Kingdoms run in fear with his cheap words, no. He was a coward.

A repeated beat of a drum could be heard for miles from the watch towers that Emperor Seo Kyung Hyun is dead. Dead silence arrives at the palace and the many villages in the state. The silence was not of grief but of freedom from hell...not quite.

They knew nothing of his daughter. If he inherited his evil and psychotic mind or her mothers poisonous tongue.

In fact she was her own person, She was nothing like her father or her mother. She had the grace of a swan and the beauty of a freshly blossomed Hibiscus Syriacus* in the summer. Her heart loves her national and people from her kingdom and others. Her determination will help her succeed and to fix this broken national. thanks to her father she has to pick up the pieces.

Bowing down to her were all her noble servants,bodyguards and soldiers seeing the 15,000 people bowing before her felt unearthly but could feel how the late Emperor felt when he became Emperor. The feeling rush to you when you see all those people in front of you. who can go crazy with power just like her father or have a cool and calm collected mind like Seo Ju Hyun's however she was calm and collected but she was definitely nervous.

First meeting with the council was a bit troublesome that she would need more body guards and protection. she flatly refused the offer.

"Empress Seo, I think we should think about your protection...possibly replacing your old one for a more skilled and more adequate to protect you like a male body guard perhaps?" One of the older councilors with his dated chauvinistic mind.

A few of the other councilors agree with him and try and convince dear Empress Seo Ju Hyun but her mind was already made up on who she has chosen, Last time they saw each other was last spring her body guard and went on a mission on seeking and capturing the culprit on trying to assassinate her. She was notified by message from her body guards Eagle, the message said

'I am at the Mountains path from the north be back in 6 day. Caught assassin. 2 wounded of our own.

How is the Emperors health?...

-Long Live Seo Dynasty!, We will show our weakness but they will only make us stronger

- Im Yoon A Commanding Warrior and Bodyguard of Princess Seo Ju Hyun'


A small smile creeps up on her face as she remembered receiving the letter..

"I'm not a princess any more i'm the Empress...." it just hut her the realization she decides what goes and not in her kingdom...it frightened her.

"Well, well. Isn't it my sweet daughter of mine all grown up. Now that you are an Empress of this Kingdom, My duty as a mother is near ending i only have one thing to do..." Her mother walks in her extravagant gown as she walks around the room speaking with her solemn and poisonous expression on her face, pausing and looking at her daughter a evils smirk crops up on her aging face "My! where are my manors.." She scoffs as she bows herself down to her daughter.

Seo Ju Hyun looks at her mother with an expressionless face.

"Mother, If you are trying to make me fall for one of your schemes by marrying a General...It's not going to work, I'm not interes-" Mother Cuts in with her husky voice, her voice became that dry and cold from the terrible sand storm she faced on her return journey to the Kingdom, Her voice some what became worse and coarse but it fits her character. "Now Now now, that's not what i am saying, all i am asking is for you to meet and greet him after his return from Battle at least he has more class and honor for his family than your dear friend and well lets just say 'so-called body guard'...you do know..you are now the Empress not a young girl anymore you need protection and more friends that are able to been in public with you..hehe not some low life guar-"

"ENOUGH! Everybody leave now" Orders her servants, councilors to leave to speak to her dear mother, but in fact the walls in the palace where thin the councilors were able to listen, when the door slide shut Empress Seo Ju Hyun spoke camly but with authority towards her mother. Her mother didn't like it, infact she hated it. It was the only time she would ever see her daughter no Empress angry like this. Whenever she spoke about her dear friend-protector.

It was the only time. every single time the same situation occurred. it was the only time. Seo Ju Hyun's eyes filled with hatred towards her mother. sheer hatred. she doesn't explode and shout, its calm and collected but deadly.


A tall black haired beauty riding on her horse on the border between Kim Kingdom and Hwang Kingdom. She had arrived in a small town bustling around for ingredients. Soldiers patrolling each on each ends of the Borders. Nearing a stable she pays her keep and for her horse.

As she sat down at the nearest table at the inn, She noticed as she placed her weapon down on the table, A group of rugged men were starring at her clenching their weapons with one hand. Ordering her meal and minding her own business as the four men come towards her table.

One of the men, possibly the boss of the bandits grunts to get her attention but she doesn't look up from her food.
"Are you the black hair beauty warrior that has been destroying and frightening the bandits with your skilled fighting..heh. she doesn't look much of a warrior or a beauty for that matter.." As he was about to walk away he turned back and systematically drew his sword towards her neck with such speed. She instinctively grabbed the tip of the sword with her and twisting it with a force that she made his arm twist at an awkward angle not lifting her head up from her meal she spoke

"So you want a challenge?..what is your business here?" Maneuvering herself sideways to face her opponent, right side forward. Her left foot came forward, crossing in front of the bandits right, she gets closer to him she can smell alcohol of his breath. He was practically bathed in it. Clutching his arm in pain he hissed

"I'm not scared of you. You caught me of guard, you are a women no match from our male superiority, female warriors are weak" He spat on the ground laughing at his own remark his 3 grubby looking followers agreed to his words.

She just smirked at his petty remarks and finally looked directly into his eyes. He flinched.

"If i'm a no good warrior, prove it to all of the people in this town that you are not to be messed with..what are you scared to be beaten by a women?" She raised her arms as she spoke. The whole of the restaurant staff and customers were starring at the situation. he grumbled and hissed till he finally spoke

"At Dawn..."


At the other end of the restaurant a young child-like women was ordering her food to go.

"..and some of your finest Gejang!*, 2 boxes of Kimbap*, Kimchi jjigae*, half of a chiken and calf, noodles..there 43 things that i would like cooked and for my journey...you did get all that right!?"

The look of the old mans face at the list

"all this and your friends must be travelling far..!"

"No no its only me and my Pig" She chuckled as the man started preparing her 43 meals to go, the mans face was priceless after she had mentioned her Pig.

"Okay, Okay ill step right to it" As he disappeared to the back

"Who are they over there old man?" She pointed at the group of men and a black haired beauty

"Oh them, they are just drunken bandits looking for their next fight, seems like they found one...Oh is that Kwon Yu Ri they are hovering over? they won't last very long" he mumbled off back into big order

She watched the infamous Kwon Yu Ri give them man a taste of his medicine, She smirks as she hears them declaring a fight against each other at dawn.

"Oh! young lady there is no chiken left to cook to do you want cooked hog instead with the calf meat?.." Her face was in horror at the old mans question

"I would certainly not eat my only companions race! i could never do that! that's like eating Bbyong himself..I've have lamb mister..Oh and add two more bottles of Soju old man!

He just looked at the young women and shook his head mumbling to himself as he took the money for her order.

Oink! Oink! the young heroin looked at her only friend and said "No i would not have taken the hog even if you weren't here but no and again i can't say no on a offer fresh hog". The pig looked at her and snorted while chewing on his gums Oiiink~.

'I hope they are okay...'
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